Why I hate The Big Bang Theory (tv show)

The following outlines my hatred for this garbage :

  • Real intellectuals don’t waste their time going “to the comic-book store”, because this is what all ‘nerds’ do apparently
  • Why do they play Halo, this is 2013
  • If they were real ‘nerds’ they would read more obscure comic books rather than “the ones people have heard of”
  • How on Earth do they afford that apartment
  • All the ridiculous inconsistencies in characters
  • The blatant sexism
  • Penny is so unbelievably dumb
  • The perpetuated stereotype that guys fall for girls regardless of intellect
  • Penny is REALLY REALLY stupid, I mean, she didn’t know what a USB port was
  • Plus in one episode she was a WoW fan, and yet how did she plug in the mouse and headset
  • The canned laughter, oh GOD the canned laughter
  • Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady are awful awful people
  • The tiptoeing around of Sheldon’s obvious Aspergers
  • Since when were Barenaked Ladies a thing again?
  • They all play Wii – of the geekiest of my friends, NONE of them play Wii
  • Apparently being a scientist means reading comic books and doing research with LAZER BEAMS


And last but not least:

  • The audience laughs at stuff that is just normal, one character describes a hobby and yet the audience laughs like “Oh how cute, he doesn’t do “outdoorsy” things or play sport, how cute”


Here’s an idea,




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