Now for a bit of philosophical thinking…

In my experience, everything comes down to a choice between two things, whether they are stripped down versions of more complex sets or there are only two decent things worth choosing from .       

I have been pondering this thought for quite some time and it seems that everything comes down to binary. There is always a choice between this or that. For example:

  • Red / Blue
  • Left / Right
  • On / Off
  • Right / Wrong
  • Here / There
  • This / That 

So this is just basic literary binary opposition (see stuff by Levi-Strauss)

Let’s extend this train of thought with slightly more relevant binary opposites:

  • Apple / Microsoft
  • PlayStation / Xbox
  • Android / iOS
  • Dynamic / Static
  • Easy / Hard
  • Hero / Villain

Now I can guarantee you will side with either of these things and you probably could not give me a middle ground.

What is interesting the dichotomy that exists between the consoles that are soon to be released – PS4 / XBox One

Whichever one you end up buying, will instantly bias you towards that brand, company and business model rather than those concepts embodied in the purchase of the other. Nintendo have a stack in this console market, and yet they are irrelevant, why? Is it perhaps they don’t match up to the standard of the others? Bollocks, the Wii sold far more units than either the PS3 or 360, so that’s out… Or is it that we, as a society, cannot fathom the rivalry of more than two things?

Think about that for a second, when discussing moral choices in society (e.g. gay marriage, abortion etc. etc.) have you considered more than two opposing forces? ( In my example there I refer to Conservative / Non-Conservative ) Because it is never that clear cut, there are never just two sides to anything.

My point is that the entire software and gaming market is split into two, not because of quality of product or good business strategies, but because we can’t conceptualize a world that has no binary rivalry, such as good or evil. Is this an inherent trait, due to the two genders existing within society?

TL;DR : Any console is fine


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